Vintage Green Co-Housing Project

Welcome to Cohousing Hafan Las Website

(formerly Vintage Green Cohousing)

Cohousing Hafan Las is proposing a visionary scheme to create a close, supportive community with a positive approach to multigenerational living, with a good mix of people at different stages of life, but at least 1/3 of people over 50. Our aim is to meet the challenges of an ageing population, and a lack of affordable housing in Wales - encouraging sustainable lifestyles and building good relationships across the generations.

Cohousing is a form of group living which clusters individual homes around a 'common house' - the common house is the hub of the community with its own kitchen and workshops; members can share meals, skills and activities and also have a room(s) for visitors to stay. It can also be a facility for the wider community to join in activities. Cohousing offers an alternative approach with many advantages over conventional housing.

An important aspect of this project is to make the housing affordable and environmentally as well as socially sustainable. The buildings will be insulated to the highest standards, reducing the need for heating. We will make the best use of natural lighting and renewable energy. We want it to be a truly green project with communal and private gardens for us to relax in and enjoy and benefit from our own fresh vegetables. The site will be in/near a town or village with access to public transport and other facilities; we will have a car sharing scheme.

All Cohousing groups are run as not-for-profit organisations. The overall site and shared facilities are owned and managed by the residents. The site freehold is held in common ownership with its members, with any social landlord being a shareholder. We are looking at different financial schemes to incorporate differing circumstances so people can both rent and purchase units.

By building a community of mutual support we are demonstrating a positive approach to all stages of life, embracing new possibilities and having an active involvement in the creation and management of the project. We want to be a show case for groups to visit and learn from our experience.

Having just changed from Vintage Green for over 50's to Hafan Las for all ages, we are in the process of changing the website, getting a new logo, changing bank accounts, etc.